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The Sonoma County Mothers of Multiples club was founded in 1993 and is located and open to all parents of multiples that live in or around Sonoma County. The purpose of the club is to bring together expectant and current parents of multiples, provide resources for support and multiple-related needs, provide education benefits and programs concerning children and parenting, participate in research concerning multiples and/or siblings, and to provide social opportunities for members and their families.  

Meet the Current Board
President: Kim

Board Responsibilities: I run the meetings, am the official representative of the organization, and delegate tasks to the different board positions.

Funny parenting moment: Every night my husband and I sing songs with the boys before they go to bed. We always end with the song Skidamarink. In the song you say “I love you” at the end and we always say their names. One night the boys kept singing additional verses: “I love you Mama, I love you Dada, I love you Grandma...” My husband noticed they didn’t say Papa (his dad and their grandpa) so my husband sang, “I love you Papa,” and the boys just burst out laughing uncontrollably. They just kept laughing and laughing and my husband and I laughed as well. We still don’t know why it was so funny but we love that memory we all shared together. 

Favorite family tradition: Setting up and decorating the Christmas tree. I loved this as a child and now with my own children. I can’t wait for this Christmas! We are going to surprise the boys with a train circling around the base of the Christmas tree. 

If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be? Cooking dinner 

Favorite part of raising multiples: Seeing the bond between my two boys. Also, since birth my husband has had to be an equal parent helping with the boys. He can do everything child related the same as me. I don’t feel worried if I leave the house and the boys are with their dad. He’s got it covered! 

Parliamentarian: Laura
Board Responsibilities: I advise.

Funny parenting moment: Trying to tandem breastfeed both screaming twins while talking to my vet at an emergency appointment for my dog. Needless to say my vet (who thankfully is also a mom) and I are a lot closer now!

Favorite family tradition: Going around the table and saying "thank you fors" at dinner. 

If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be? Cleaning up vomit

Favorite part of raising multiples: Watching their relationship with each other develop and grow.


Vice President and Events Coordinator: Vanessa
Board Responsibilities: I am the Vice President and set up group events 

Funny parenting moment: Potty training twins is pretty hilarious.  We spent a lot of time chasing naked toddlers around the house trying to get them to sit on a potty.  Oh, and if anyone tells you kids can't pee while running, they are wrong.

Favorite family tradition:
 Camping in Summer, being together for Christmas 

If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be?  Cleaning up the double poop explosion!!!

Favorite part of raising multiples: seeing 2 different people at the same age develop different and yet the same.
Treasurer: Beth
bank Board Responsibilities: I do the money. 

Funny parenting moment: That time my kids were laughing so hard that milk came out their nose!

Favorite family tradition: 3am feedings.  Kidding.

If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be?  3am feedings.  Not kidding.

Favorite part of raising multiples:  Synchronized laughing


Member Services and Member Admin: Amanda

Board Responsibilities: Membership / new member welcoming and send Membership numbers to National.

Funny parenting moment:
 This past summer my kids were playing in the backyard (in their underwear) and didn’t want to come inside with me to make dinner. I let them play out there, keeping the door and windows open. I could hear them laughing so got to work. The laughter shortly escalated so I went to see what was happening. I found them grinning and COVERED head-to-toe in smashed cherry tomatoes. Needless to say, they both needed a hose down before coming inside for dinner!

Favorite family tradition: We don’t have many traditions yet, but I’m excited to start
making some over the holidays!

If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be? Listening to whining?

Favorite part of raising multiples: Watching how different the two kids are, despite having the exact same environment. Its also so sweet to hear them playing and talking together when they don’t know we’re listening.

Secretary and Meal Coordinator: Sarah

Board Responsibilities: Manage the club records, and I contact new MoMs and offer meal assistance during the first year with their multiples. :)

Funny parenting moment: Giving the kids their first haircuts was hysterical because it wasn't nearly as easy as it looked on YouTube. Also, "losing" my son in the house and discovering him sitting quietly in his play tent. 
Favorite family tradition: Decorating the Christmas tree
If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be? I love all the mommy duties!

Favorite part of raising multiples: Watching them play together and make each other laugh.

Media Services: Suraya

Board Responsibilities: Maintain website and Respond to Media Inquiries

Funny parenting moment: Every moment of this twin parenting journey is hilarious.  What am i doing?!

Favorite family tradition: We don't have many traditions yet.  The one thing I can count on everyday is laughter and giggles as the crazies come out at bedtime.  I hope that never ends.  

If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be? Sitting up in the middle of the night with a baby that won't go to sleep, and won't let me sleep.  I mean, I don't mind if you don't want to sleep, but why do I have to be up too?!

Favorite part of raising multiples: The laughs, the joy, the craziness.  I realized pretty early on that I wasn't going have any kind of control, which took a lot of the parenting pressure off, and allowed us to just have fun.  Plus without twins, I wouldn't have found this super supportive community of awesome women.  I am so grateful for this group.

Newsletter: April

Board Responsibilities: Publish group newsletter

Funny parenting moment: When my girls make up words to songs and belt it out like divas!

Favorite family tradition: Halloween!!

If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be?  Pack a diaper bag.  More like a diaper suitcase with twins.

Favorite part of raising multiples: Eating their leftovers.  Twice as much!!

NCA Rep: Mags
Board Responsibilities: I am the contact between SCMoM and NCA.

Funny parenting moment:  Watching my girls try lemons for the first time!

Favorite family tradition: 
 Our annual trip to the Francis Ford Coppola pool

If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be?  Washing bottles.  Why do they have so many parts?!

Favorite part of raising multiples: Dressing them in coordinating outfits.  They are my real life dolls :)